About ZoneV


Hi, and welcome to ZoneV, my little photo blog. Well, it is not really a blog as it is not as interactive, but it is also not sole static. Me, that is RĂ¼diger Stobbe, available as ruediger at zonev dot de – always open for feedback. I hope you find some images here that you enjoy looking at.

The images on ZoneV

Some time ago I would have told you, that I am dedicated to a traditional photographic process. But time goes on and I eventually converted to digital capture – except for pinholes for which I still use film capture. I come from traditional printing processes like black&white printing, lith printing and kallitype. But in the lack of a darkroom I fully converted to a digital process and even the films from my pinhole cameras I scan and from then on process digitally. This means almost all images you see here are from a digital process. If you are interested in what I did in the traditional darkroom, visit my pinhole site.


Nothing to say here, I use cameras with and without lenses which are loaded with film in different formats or a sensor No question, equipment is important, cameras are, lenses are, film types are, developers are, papers are, computers are, programs are – but only up to the point where the finished print lies in front of you. All the images shown here are kind of finished prints and also the digital captures are first on paper before they get a landing on this site, so no need to talk equipment here. Although I have to say that it really comes down to three cameras these days, a little Fuji X100F, an Intrepid 4×5 and for pinholes a very nice ZeroImage 612.

My other site

I once had a one year project of doing a print of a pinhole negative every week. How that went can be found here: Click!

And of course there is the digital lith project. DigitalLith is a program I wrote to simulate a kind of lith printing effect digitally. You may want to give it a try: Click!