Digital Lith Tutorials – Session files

This is going to be a rather short episode in the tutorial series. It deals with some helper files needed to save the session, presets, log information and so on.

These files are stored in the users home directory as dot files, so on Linux/Mac the won’t be visible.

  • .digital_lith_session45 – contains the session. This includes the history and the current development settings.
  • .digital_lith_preferences45 – contains the preferences.
  • .digital_lith_presets45 – contains all the presets you defined or imported.
  • .digital_lith_log – contains the log data written by the file. The amount of info depends on the corresponding preferences setting.

If you come from an earlier version of Digital Lith, then the earlier session files are read and stored in those files. That way the older files are not changed in case you still want to use the earlier version for some reason.

Needless to say that the 45 in the file names above is going to be changed to 46 once version 4.6 is out.

That is already it for the session files. Now let us move on to something filling your presets list, the Digital Lith Exchange: Click!