Winter season started – Digital Lith 4.5.4

The winter season finally started over here. We even have a bit of snow. Nothing to really talk about. And I have some bad news, this year there will be no big Digital Lith X-mas version and also no Happy New Year version. The program does what I always wanted it to do, so there is not much left that I miss.

But there is also at least a little bit good news: I made version 4.5.4 public – Click!

Here is what is new in this version:

  • The maximum heap size is increased to 4GB for bigger images.
  • But there is also deliver a version with smaller footprint which means the maximum heap size of 2GB of the previous versions.
  • The streaking popup menu now lets you also enable/disable or collapse/open all streaking modules at once.
  • The strength parameter for patterns can now be greater than one.
  • When resetting a preset to current parameters you now can also rename it and select which parameters are part of the preset instead of just take the selection of the exiting preset.

That is it. Give it a try.

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